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Here you can download my free COM add-in for MapPoint which enables you to upload pushpins and waypoints to your NMEA GPS in WGS 84 format:

This software is no longer maintained.

Status: Version 1.1 released!, read the version history.
Note: Quite stable, but route uploading is experimental. Read ToImprove.html.

MapPoint 2000 magazine has published my article, a must-read: Uploading MapPoint Locations To Your GPS

the add-in: WaypointsToGPS.dll
you may need this: MSCOMM32.OCX
installation script: install.bat
re-installation script: reinstall.bat
how to install: installation.html Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ.html

Some of my ideas are being used in Jayson Harshbarger's excellent Coordinate Exchange for MapPoint

Visual Basic 6.0 source code for MapPoint 2001/2002: current_source.zip
note: I'm using GetCoordinates from Gilles Kohl (gilles AT compuserve.com)